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Same day issue, settlement and commissions paid continued

Our $50 guarantee is the new norm! It’s quick and easy:

Ensure the application is fully complete and accurate / and as long as there are no MIB discrepancies*, everything will be done the same day!
Submit the application any business day before noon (EST);
Get commissions paid the same business day

(Jet Evolution NoMed Intelligent Engine)

Ever-evolving AI, your real-time virtual underwriter

JENIE will not only ease but also firm up the assessment process for you!
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*Just in case you think this may only pertain to a small portion of our applications, here’s the reality: to date this year, 98% of the policies we issued (Life and Critical Illness) were issued as applied for. Meaning only 2% were adjusted due to discrepancies in MIB information (not just those with MIB hits, but those where the MIB related information required adjustments). However, the 2% were still issued, only adjusted.

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