With the help of JenieTM, our Evolution product pairs real-time virtual no medical underwriting with term and permanent life insurance coverage. Evolution is starting a revolution in personal life insurance with non face-to-face appointments, and a quick eco-friendly application process by eliminating paperwork and long approval periods. Evolution is an innovative and unique life insurance product that works for any client’s needs.
  • Eligibility​
Evolution has only two requirements to qualify:
  • 1 Age between 18-70; and
  • 2 A Canadian resident.
  • Coverage

Evolution coverage ranges from $1,000 to as high as $1,000,000 depending on the risk classes and client age. Please see below for the break down:

Advance +:

Ages 18-40 – $1,000,000
Ages 41-50 – $1,000,000
Ages 51-70 – $500,000


Ages 18-40 – $1,000,000
Ages 41-50 – $1,000,000
Ages 51-70 – $500,000

Express +:

Ages 18-50 – $500,000
Ages 51-70 – $500,000


Ages 18-60 – $300,000**
Ages 61-70 – $300,000***


Ages 18-75 – $75,000***
Ages 75-80 – $25,000***
*Coming soon
**Basic benefit is deferred for 1 year, with the full accidental benefit available from day one.
***Basic benefit is deferred for 2 years, with the full accidental benefit available from day one.
  • Benefits
  • Coverage up to $1,000,000
With a range of flexible and reliable coverage amounts, your clients will always have an option that will fit their needs and budget.
  • Term or Permanent Coverage

Evolution is offered in both term life insurance and permanent life insurance options to give your clients more choices in how long they want their coverage to last. Terms are 10, 20, or 30 years, with a Term 100* plan available for lifetime protection.

*Coming soon

  • Simple, hassle-free online application
Applying for the plan quick, easy and entirely digital with no face-to-face appointments or medical exams required. JenieTM streamlines the underwriting process and provides instantaneous results to get clients covered faster.
  • Additional Options:
Evolution also allows for a selection of corporate ownership and beneficiaries. Specialty Life Insurance’s portfolio has grown stronger with Evolution, and now more than ever is an excellent choice for business owners and business strategies.
  • Premiums
Premiums for coverage are determined by the applicant’s gender, date of birth, smoking status and coverage amount selected. These premiums will remain level for the life of the policy.

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